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Process Module

Process Module

In the core process of modern pharmacy, biological engineering, fine chemicals, food & drinks, etc., Modular construction can reduce cross contamination risk and infection probability of product in production. Shanghai Ritai has adopted CAD worx, AUTO CAD and so on to design specially for customers and provide the overall modularization process engineering and technical service, which makes customers meet relevant cGMP code and regulations of SFDA, FDA, WHO, EU, etc. It not only provides high standard modular engineering services like design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and so on, but also supplies complete validation support and process solutions, which satisfies customers' requirements for high quality production process.

● Medium preparation module

● Cell culture module

● Fermentation module

● Biological harvesting module

● Buffer solution preparation module

● Biological purification module

● Biological inactivation module

● Biological sewage inactivation module

● Liquid preparation module

● CIP module

● Other customized process module

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